The key to consistency and discipline

Feb 21, 2023

Is not what most people think. 

Most of us think that the key to be consistent is to work hard and put every drop of their energy into the things they do even if they feel out of alignment and even when they don’t see results. Thinking that you just need to increase your will power to stay consistent and falling into a trap thinking something is wrong with you. 

Now here is the thing about consistency  

You need to have a strong enough reason why do you want that thing? And your reason should relay strike the contrast between the pain and the urgency of the alternative of not having it/doing it.  

Ask yourself and find your WHY? 

For example, you want to quit smoking or go to the gym. 

What is your reason why? 

It is because you have to, or you want to better your health or feel better in your own body? Is it just because your perter or friend asked you to or because you want to better your health and preserve your body for longer so you can have children, play with your grandchildren etc. 

Then think about the alternative  

What would happen if you don’t do it what would be consequence or outcome?  

But whatever you chose you will always be saying yes to one thing and no to other so shoes wisely.  


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