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Transform Your Life with Our 1:1 Coaching and Counselling Sessions. I'm Certified in Counselling, CBT, NLP. 

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment with The Future Self Club's 1:1 Coaching and Counseling Sessions. Tailored to your unique needs and goals, our sessions are designed to unlock your full potential, helping you overcome obstacles and live your most fulfilling life.  

Why Choose Our 1:1 Coaching and Counselling?

In a world that constantly demands more, finding your path and staying true to yourself can be challenging. Our 1:1 Coaching and Counselling sessions offer personalised guidance, support, and strategies to navigate life's complexities, ensuring you not only survive but thrive.

 What You Will Gain:  Personalised Guidance: Experience coaching and counselling that's as unique as you are, focusing on your personal goals, challenges, and aspirations.


Gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take control of your life, make impactful decisions, and shape your future.

Clarity and Direction:

Uncover your true desires, identify your goals, and receive a bespoke action plan to guide your journey to success and fulfilment.

Healing and Growth:

Address and heal from past traumas, overcome limiting beliefs, and embrace personal growth for a happier, healthier you.

Session Features:

Expert Support: As experienced coach and counsellors I'm committed to your success, offering deep insights, unwavering support, and expert guidance.

Tailored Strategies:

Benefit from strategies and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring effective and lasting change.

Confidential and Safe Space:

Share and explore in a confidential, non-judgmental space designed to foster openness, healing, and growth.

Ongoing Support: Your journey of transformation is ongoing, and so is our support. Receive follow-up care and resources to keep you motivated and on track.

Begin Your Transformation Today The Future Self Club's 1:1 Coaching and Counseling Sessions are more than just conversations; they are stepping stones to a new, empowered you. Whether you're seeking to overcome personal obstacles, find direction, or achieve your highest aspirations, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way. Are you ready to unlock your potential, heal from your past, and create the life you've always dreamed of? Join us for a 1:1 Coaching and Counselling Session and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilled future.

Empower Yourself. Transform Your Life.

This is 1:1 session delivered via zoom- duration 75 min. If you want in person please send email equerry. 


1:1 Akashic Records Reading and Healing



Discover the Secrets of Your Soul with Our Akashic Healing One-to-One Sessions Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation with The Future Self Club's exclusive Akashic Healing One-to-One Sessions. Unlock the sacred records of your soul's journey and experience profound healing that transcends time and space. It's time to uncover your soul's true purpose and embrace your highest potential.

 Why Akashic Healing?

The Akashic Records are the ethereal archives of every soul's history and future possibilities. They hold the keys to understanding our challenges, gifts, relationships, and true purpose. By accessing these records, our expert healers can help you clear past traumas, understand life patterns, and make choices aligned with your soul's destiny.

 What You Will Experience:

Personalised Insight: Each session is uniquely tailored to your soul's journey, providing deep insights into your life's purpose, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Profound Healing:

Experience healing on a soul level as we work to clear karmic patterns, traumas, and blockages, freeing you to live your most fulfilled life.

Empowered Decision-Making: With newfound clarity and understanding of your soul's path, make empowered choices that align with your highest good and life's purpose.

Spiritual Growth: Unlock a deeper connection with your intuition and the universe, fostering a profound sense of peace, alignment, and spiritual awakening.

Session Features: - Expert Guidance: Our seasoned Akashic healers bring years of experience and deep intuitive insight to guide you through your healing journey.

One-to-One Focus: Enjoy the undivided attention of your healer in sessions tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a deeply personal and transformative experience.

Actionable Steps: Beyond insights and healing, receive practical guidance and steps to integrate your discoveries and healing into your daily life.

Ongoing Support: Your journey doesn’t end with the session. Receive follow-up support and resources to help you continue your path of growth and discovery.

Begin Your Soul's Journey Today The Future Self Club's Akashic Healing One-to-One Sessions offer a unique opportunity to connect with the deepest parts of yourself, heal from the past, and step into the future with confidence and clarity. This is not just a healing session; it's a gateway to understanding the essence of your being and living a life in full alignment with your soul's purpose. Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of your soul and experience profound transformation? Join us for an Akashic Healing One-to-One Session and take the first step on a journey to your most authentic self.

Unlock Your Soul's Potential. Transform Your Life.

This is 1:1 session delivered via zoom- duration 75 min. If you want in person session or distance session please send email equerry. 


Ancestral Karma Healing



Unlock the Power of Your Ancestry with Our Ancestral Healing Session.

Embark on a transformative journey back through time with 1:1 Ancestral Healing session. Discover the untapped strength within your lineage and release generational patterns that no longer serve you. It's time to heal not just yourself, but generations past and future.

 Why Ancestral Healing?

Every family tree holds its secrets, stories of triumphs and trials that echo through our DNA. Sometimes, these ancestral echoes manifest as unexplained patterns, behaviors, or blockages in our own lives. Our Ancestral Healing session offers you a path to uncover these hidden narratives, bringing to light the profound wisdom and strength that lie dormant within your lineage.

What You Will Discover: -

Deep Connections: Forge a profound bond with your ancestors, understanding their struggles and strengths, and how these have shaped your own journey. -

Release and Renewal:

Identify and release inherited patterns, beliefs, and traumas that hinder your personal growth. Embrace renewal as you heal generational wounds.

Empower Your Lineage:

Transform not only your life but pave the way for healing and empowerment for future generations. Break the cycle and set a new course for your descendants.

Inherited Wisdom:

Unlock the wisdom and gifts passed down through generations. Learn to harness these ancestral powers for guidance, strength, and resilience in your daily life.

Session¬†Features: - ¬†Guided 1:1 session let by me as ¬†a certified¬†practitioners in ancestral healing, each session is designed to facilitate deep, meaningful connections with your past. it last 75 min. Transform your life today with Ancestral Healing session.¬†It is more than just a session‚ÄĒit's a gateway to understanding your true self through the lens of your lineage. It's an invitation to heal, to discover, and to empower yourself and your family for generations to come.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your ancestry and embrace the full potential of your heritage?

 Embrace Your Legacy. Heal Your Future.

This is 1:1 session delivered via zoom- duration 75 min. If you want in person session or distance session please send email equerry. 


Past Life Regression 


Uncover Your Soul's Legacy with Our Past Life Regression One-to-One Sessions. Step into a journey of discovery and enlightenment with The Future Self Club's Past Life Regression One-to-One Sessions. Unlock the doors to your past lives, uncovering the stories that have shaped your soul's journey. It's an invitation to heal, learn, and grow from the experiences that have led you to this moment.

 Why Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression offers a unique window into your soul's history, revealing the roots of your fears, talents, relationships, and even your life's purpose. By exploring these past lives, you gain profound insights and healing, allowing you to release old patterns and embrace your future with clarity and confidence.

What You Will Discover: Deep Insights: Uncover the narratives of your past lives, understanding how they influence your current path, behaviours, and relationships.

Healing and Release:

Identify and heal past traumas and karmic patterns that are holding you back, opening the door to personal growth and fulfilment.

Soulful Connections:

Discover the origins of deep connections in your life, gaining insight into your relationships and how they serve your soul's journey.

Empowered Living:

Armed with the knowledge of your past, make empowered choices that align with your true self and life's purpose, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Session Features: Personalised Experience: Each session is tailored to your individual journey, ensuring a deeply personal and relevant exploration of your past lives.

Expert Guidance:

Our skilled practitioners guide you with sensitivity and expertise, ensuring a safe and enlightening experience.

Practical Integration:

Beyond insights, receive guidance on integrating your discoveries into your daily life, supporting your ongoing growth and healing.

Continued Support: Your journey doesn’t end with the session. We offer follow-up support to help you navigate your path of self-discovery and transformation.

Embark on Your Journey of Discovery The Future Self Club's Past Life Regression One-to-One Sessions are more than a glimpse into your past; they are a gateway to understanding and healing that empowers you to live your best life. This is an opportunity to connect with the depths of your soul, uncovering the lessons and strengths you carry within. Are you ready to explore the stories of your soul, heal from the past, and embrace a future of clarity and purpose? Join us for a Past Life Regression One-to-One Session and take the first step on a transformative journey to your true self.

Explore Your Past. Transform Your Future.

This is 1:1 session delivered via zoom- duration 75 min. If you want in person session or distance session please send email equerry. 


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With the regular membership  you will have 


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4 Months 1:1 Transformational     Coaching 



This is individual tailored program that is for women who are ready to completely revolutionise and transform their life. It is a deep healing process that will strip away all that no longer works and serves you. Creating a new stronger, more confident woman that you have forgotten how to be. This will help you unleash your feminine energy and take you on the road of self-mastery. 

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